Complete Kit with 250 Dubias
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This Dubia Roach Start Kit includes everything you need to get your colony going. Put in an enclosure and your good to go!

The kit includes the following:

A mix of 250 Dubia Roaches to include 3 adult pairs.
Dubias in a range of sizes.

8 Egg Flats 
- approximately 12" x 12"  
- Put them in a plastic storage container or aquarium to create the perfect roach habitat!
1 lb of Roach Chow
- 16 ounces of High Protein Chow with Oats!
- Great for the roaches dry diet!
4 ounces of Water Crystals 
-  Makes 4 gallons of gel. Just add water!
-  Provides moisture for your roaches, crickets, or other insects without the risk of drowning the little guys!
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Complete Kit with 250 Dubias

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